Monday, October 14, 2013

So much Guthiri!!!!!


            Bought a couple bootleg movies, Man of Steel and Star Trek. The students get Saturday evenings free, so I figure they could watch something other than High School Musical and the show Nikita. And the great part is that they only cost 50 shillings (55 cents)! I could handle the sound getting off timing a few times.

            Spoke at church today. Then just hung out on my doorstep with everybody with the radio inside turned up. Sat there until lunch. Ate rice and beans. The meals are not diverse at all! I’m surprised the students don’t revolt against everything. They complain to me once in a while about the food, lack of free time, always in class, nothing to do. And for the most part, all that is true. But they are very respectful. For example, yesterday I was walking through a bunch of weeds and got tons of stickers on my socks and shoes. When I got back I sat down and started pulling them off. Then three boys came around and started helping me. That’s pretty cool.
            A black and white bird flew into my window. I grabbed it with a bed sheet as it was trying to get away as it was trapped against the window and the bars. It relaxed when I grabbed it I have that calming affect :). Then I let it out the window. I saved a life.

            Woke up at 4:15 this morning cuz I’m “on duty” at the high school. That means I supervise the students. Even though I don’t really think they need it. Hecka dark! Stars shining bright. Pretty stinking cold. I had to do some running in place to not freeze. Students got up at 4:30. Too early. Then 5am for 15min of “devotions” although they’re half asleep. Then study til 6:30. Clean til 7. A cup of tea and a chunk of bread for breakfast. Assembly at 7:40. School starts. What a sucky way to start your morning. I read my Bible, wrote a bit, sat, walked around, listened to some Mumford and Sons. Not a horrible way to spend my morning. Then walked to the matatu then hit the bustling town, trying not to get hit by a car. Gonna be a long week. God is good. I’m happy.

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philip vose said...

makes me happy that you are happy. Benjamin, the savior of the winged creature haha! and i love that stuff when the kids just take interest in your discomfort with the stickers in your socks, and they start helping you remove them. stink'n precious.