Thursday, October 10, 2013



            Went for an exploratory run. Rain started coming down the last five minutes. And then it came down hard. Complete with thunder and lightning. A lot of thunder. The deep rumbles that last up to 10 seconds or more is amazing.
            I love my Grandma.
‘God will never reveal more truth about Himself until you have obeyed what you know already. Beware of becoming "wise and prudent."’ –Oswald Chambers

I have my guilt and I have my shame
I did my best to shift the blame.
He had his party. He had his fun.
I am the brother of the prodigal son.

Doing good and working hard to earn my reward
I was not aware I was indeed my own Lord.
But day by day and night by night
I was drawn ever closer to the Light.

It was not me.
It was only He.
He was the One who called me by name.
He was the One who took away my shame.

As He drew near
It was a strange kind of fear.
My heart wanted to flee
But at the same time reached out to be free.

I was in awe of His majesty’s glory
And could do nothing but fall on my face and tell Him my story.
He said, “You’ve tried to make your own way,
But it is only my Son who could stand in the fray.”

“My Love for you is not something that can be earned,
Nor is it something that can be learned.
It is a gift from the great I Am
And only through the blood of the sacrificial Lamb.”

With head down low I cried out for this Love
That can only be sent from the Lord up above.
My good deeds and prideful thoughts were not enough.
For I needed the blood that was spilled by His Love.

“King, I’m sorry,” I said with a sorrowful heart.
“Be my all in all and may you never part!”
With a smile on His face, upon my head He set a crown
And around my shoulders he wrapped me with His gown.

Then He said with a breath,
“My child, you can start afresh.
For I have eaten your pride and your cold hearted chill
On that day upon calvary’s hill.”

“Now stand and breathe in my life to the full
And know that you have been made clean and whole.”
It was at that moment when a mighty wind came
And whispered in my ear a brand new name.

My body tingled with delight
To the point that I thought I’d set off and take flight.
But I did not move nor make a sound
As my feet stayed firmly upon the ground.

You see, the Reedemer was not quite done.
He had a path for me to run.
Spreading the Good News of that redeeming day;
The Lord was more than happy to stand in the fray.

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philip vose said...

oh Benny boy, this is some sweet sweet artistic poetry...