Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 1/2 weeks in


            The students finally got all the facts straight. The school director, who is located at the girls’ high school, made sure that they have all the information. Now that wasn’t so hard. All of the boys decided to stay except one. I’ll tell you something, people want to be listened to, they want to know the facts, and they want to know that they are cared for. When those things are taken care of, so much more can be accomplished. I still think I’m right with the entire issue. And I won’t comment further even though I kinda want to say a few things about people. I’ll just say this, I don’t think the students “complain” as much as is let on by some people.
            Went with Haron and Gitau for over 5 hrs looking at different schools for some students who might be leaving Rohi. At a high school I saw a few kids doing triple jump 40 yds away, my coaching specialty, while I was waiting for the other two in the office. I decided to go over to see them and maybe give them some advice. But as soon as they saw me they stopped. I attempted talking to them but they were just looking at me like I was crazy. Then it was time to go. I guess I am a bit crazy. Then at our last stop we went to a primary school where about 100 5-7 yr olds were leaving school. So cute in their light purple uniforms.


            This whole thing with the Form 3 students and the principal is becoming tiresome. Communication with the principal and students is horrendous. The students are telling me one thing and the principal is telling me something slightly different. The two boys’ families were called this morning for them to be picked up. The boys said that Mr. Maina had sent them away because they thought about staying for next year an extra hour. If this is the case, it is extremely ridiculous. Today, the families came to pick them up. I finally asked Mr. Maina what was happening, and he said, “About what?” even though 5 seconds before he was talking to the family. I said, “About this whole thing.” The students were convinced that they were getting kicked out. But Mr. Maina just told me that they have one week to decide. He said that the two students didn’t make up their own mind for themselves. It wasn’t until the other students made their decisions that they decided to stay. During this process of waiting to see what was happening, I let Kamotho talk to one of the students. So clearly the student wasn’t trying to “pull a fast one.” Still, Mr. Maina sent the two boys home with their family, even though they had already decided to stay. I told them as they were walking out the gate that they have one week to decide. They didn’t know this. Whether Mr. Maina told the families, I don’t know. Either way I think this whole thing is sketchy and I’m rather frustrated with how it is being dealt with. Just another thing to add to the list.


            So, it turns out there was a former teacher at Blesco who was feeding the students with this wrong information. The students were not making it up as some had assumed. I’m glad it is cleared up. I still think much of this strife could have been avoided if proper communication had occurred.

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