Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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       The guys had a pickup soccer game against some of the other high school boys and other guys from the community. A bunch of people came out and watched on the community soccer field. It was neat just chillin and watching the game and having kids out there (no parents there to supervise).            


        Lupui helped me wash my clothes yesterday. Several of them came to help but were called away to do something else. They kinda laughed when they saw me.
            I hate mosquitoes with a deep passion. I haven’t gotten good sleep in the last three nights cuz they keep buzzing and sucking my blood. I had a makeshift net using a bed sheet. But apparently that’s not working. I will buy a legit mosquito net when I go to town. I’m tired.
            Finished The Reason For God. Read it. My internet modem isn’t working. Did a nice workout that included running hills and a bit of rock lifting. Feels like my lungs have restrictions on them. Maybe if I’m running enough here I will enter in a half marathon and try to break my pr. Chomped down on a couple stones in my guthiri today. Thought I may have broken my tooth on the first one. They are still intact.


            It’s inevitable that money will come up in conversation when you’re talking and getting to know people. Things like where you live, how do you get around, and all that. It leads up to you having a house, owning a car, having a job, etc. I have never struggled financially fro a number of reasons. All the reasons boil down to God deciding to bless me in this way. When talking about money, possessions, and whatnot with the some of the people I am getting to know, I am careful about what I say. It’s so easy to say that I’m not rich. But in the grad scheme of the world, I am. And I have to be honest with myself about that fact. Trying to convince myself that I’m not rich so I don’t feel guilty or make other people feel bad (although I’m pretty sure they don’t) denies what God has given to me and his joy in doing so. As an American, I have ingrained in me that having wealth is better than being poor. But I truly don’t think this is truth at all. Neither is being poor better than being rich. I had no control of where I was born. It is through God’s decision that I was born in the Bay Area and my friend was born in a mud house in Kenya. Neither is better nor worse in and of itself. However, both can become evil and far from good. It depends on what you think the meaning of this life is. If you believe that (ready for this?) the meaning of life is to get to know God (which I do), then having more money than somebody else or less is no problem. I’m trying to figure out how I’m fleshing this thought out. God wants himself to be known to each and every person. If a person is born into poverty, then God will make himself known appropriately through that. If you are born into wealth, then God will make himself known through that. For example, I have more money than many of the people here. But with that money I am able to give it away or use it the right way. And in doing this I am able to get to know my God better. I feel his giving, generous heart in doing so. And am thankful for him giving me the opportunity to do so. It’s kinda like when you’re a kid and your dad gives you two dollars to put in that donation box for the charity. The money isn’t really yours. It’s your dad’s money. He just allows you to be a part of his giving. And in doing so you find joy (if you give happily) and your dad delights in having the appropriately placed joy. Now a person who is in poverty, they see God from a different angle than the wealthy man. The poor rely so heavily on his provision. When God provides (however that might be) when seemingly all is lost, those people thank God with every ounce of themselves. They find joy in him.  Now you can up with some “what about this.. statements. But I’m going to stop there for now. Except to say that I pray that I use my wealth to bring glory/honor/reverence/joy to God. I don’t want my possessions to be my center and security.

            Went to town again. Walking back to the office after lunch a boy named Job who used to go to Rohi and has been on the streets since the last time I was here came up to us. He asked for money for bread. Kamotho gave him enough for a bit of food. I’m trying to figure out when I/ a person is supposed to stop giving and let somebody suffer for his own decisions so that he can live and give his life instead of taking all the time. I suppose this is when wisdom takes over. I’d rather give him some work to do, then pay him. Kamotho knows this kid far better than me. I asked him about him, and he said there are times when he gives and times when he says no. He said Job will not figure this out until he finally gets arrested and hits bottom. All the organizations know who Job is from all the giving (financially, help) to him they have been doing.

            After a few days of no rain, the sky opened up with rumbles of thunder and lightning. It started coming down hard right when we (Brian, a new student from Rohi) were getting to the matatu. They we sat there for 45min waiting for it to get full. Fortunately the rain nearly stopped when we arrived at our stop and had to walk the 10 minutes to get to the school. And it wasn’t super muddy.

            Got a mosquito net and hung it up with tape. Gonna sleep well tonight.

            Best run I’ve had so far. Helped one of the workers do a bit of digging until I started getting blisters. That didn’t last too long. I thought my hands were a bit tougher than that. Went to teach computers but one was working. Issues with the power. It takes an awfully long time to make food when you only have one gas burner.
            Climbed an acacia tree. Got about 20 feet up and thought I’d better stop. I’m not terribly keen on heights. I got down and was walking through some tall grass and saw a couple kids about 30ft up. I giggled to myself.
            It’s 7:45pm and the power just went out. I have an awesome Black Diamond headlamp that I had to feel around for next to my bed. The students were still in class and you could hear them hooting and hollering. I went outside and it is sooooooo dark. With the corn fields… umm eerie. I gave a few of my candles and matches to a few of the teachers who stay here at the school. I will continue to read my book by candlelight for the next lil bit. Good book called The Last Sin Eater

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