Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moving along


            It’s good to see some of the high schoolers who aren’t the academic type doing well. Three students are living together in a two room (and when I say two room I mean two room, nothing else) house to save money. Their mats are on the ground in one room with food and cooking stuff in another. They walk to a technical school where they are learning woodworking. There are ten students in their class. The students who are a year ahead of them and the employees (former students) are making fantastic stuff. I hope our students will really work hard to create some amazing stuff. And it looks like they are. This could be their ticket to a life where they won’t have to struggle from day to day.
            It was great seeing some other guys who are grown. A couple were former street boys. God is good. There are definitely still struggles but struggles are a part of life no matter where you live. Some are just more noticeable than other.
            The terrorist junk in Nairobi is coming to a close. Great devastation has occurred. So keep those who’ve been touched in your prayers.


            Hanging around 200+ kids gathering around you in some neighborhood made of mud and dirt is something everybody needs to experience. God is good.


philip vose said...

God is good indeed! our neighbor Ted asked me if you were affected by the Nairboi attacks because i mentioned to him you were in Kenya. i was really touched that he remembered and cared enough to ask how you were. he was relieved you were safe. gonna go watch an episode of FaceOff :-) then back to work..

Kirstin Vose said...

Just cried about the 200+ kids gathering around you comment (literally). My heart is full right now because of who you are to me, the American kids here, and the Kenyan's there. Praise Jesus for you Ben Vose.