Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So there are 4 more days until I leave at 10:25 pm. I arrive in NY at 7 am eastern time and have about an 11 hour layover. I figure I'm gonna hop a taxi and check out Times Square and see as much as possible before I head back to JFK airport. Then it's off to Amsterdam, few hours hanging in the airport, and finally to Nairobi, Kenya. I'll be getting there Monday night. Kenya is 10 hours ahead of California. Usually I don't sleep much on flights, so it should be interesting.

I am going to be there until Jan 30, that's a pretty long time. I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous, but
not worried. I met most of the people before, but it's different when you are going to be living with them and not having your daily routine at home. Guess I'll just have to develop a new one.
For those of you who don't know I have been to Nakuru, Kenya twice before on 2 week trips. I am going by myself through Cornerstone church in Livermore. Yes, I am a Christian, that is I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, accept what He did for me, and read the Bible as it is written. Will I talk to people about God while I'm there?... when it's time. Will I indoctrinate them? Heck no techno. I am going to help teach at a school called Rohi (http://www.rohikenya.org) Also, gonna just be with the kids living on the streets. What that is going to look like I am not sure. I imagine that I'm just gonna hang out with them, toss a frisbee around, kick a soccer ball. I'm gonna follow the lead of Mr. Komotho, a teacher at Rohi who works with the street kids. I want to get the kids off sniffing glue, get them back into school or a job, help them start a new, healthy life. Sounds simple. Well, we'll see how it goes. I'll keep updating. Peace.


Mikey G said...

I'm so encouraged by you Ben!

Alicia said...

Getting street kids off glue and helping them start new, healthy lives? That's a pretty tall order for you, but if God chose to do it all himself, it would already be done. How humbling that he's chosen you to do this work!

Jackson said...

I'll be keeping track of your blog, Ben, and we'll be praying for you.