Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey yo!

I was able to get on Daniel Komotho's computer real fast. I figure I'll update all the other stuff when I get more. My Thanksgiving was pretty good. Said thanks a few times during the day. Ate Mama's food was good as usual. I wrote this thing up real quick today for the Rohi newsletter: Telling people, especially young people that I was going to Kenya they would usually say something regarding AIDs or poverty.Yes, there is that in plenty.But the world, particularly Americans, view Kenya as just that.After being here twice before for two weeks each, I had a decent idea of what I can expect. Now in my third week here for what will be 12 weeks I have seen Kenya, at least Nakuru and the culture, in a new light. You can only see and experience so much when you are with a large group and have everything planned out for you for those two weeks of short-term missions. Although they are definitely good and I think necessary, they are limiting.With Mr. Daniel Komotho as my on-site guide and boss, he has done an amazing job of introducing me to the ins and outs of Kenyan life. We have already taken the bota bota (seat on the back of a bicycle) and hopped a ride in the, always exciting, stuffed to the brim matatu (public transportation vans) several times. I have eaten real Kenyan food (Mama’s cookin’ is so good) and have been educated on subjects such as marriage dowries and rites of passage, both intriguing topics to talk about with the Rohi staff.In the midst of getting used to the change around me, I find that the Rohi staff is absolutely constant in one thing, their solid belief that God is the always consistent, savior of the world.It is through Him that this organization has a real life-giving mentality that is carried out and experienced by the street boys, those living at the dump, neighbors, and the kids at Rohi.Ben Vose, the intern
So yeah. I don't know what I'm doing the rest of the day. Kinda tired. I think maybe next time I will try to download pictures. Would you all like that? Is there anything that you guys want to know. Ask me some questions. If I deem them worthy I will answer :) Well, have a good day.


Mikey G said...

I hope you will be allowed to bring some of that spiritual consistency back here to Babylon. Until then keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ben... remember how i was talking about how God changed me when i was there... its kinda one of those things you can help. youre there, surrounded by beauty, his people, love, giftings, and you see them.. like truly see them for what they are. unfortunately i feel like maybe some of that has faded from me being back.. but you just blew on my fire to make it burn brighter. thanks for still serving me even being there! love you : D

Anonymous said...

anonymous is me!... KIRSTINNNNNNN!!!!!!! : D

chris orr said...

Hi Ben,
I never know what to say. Everything here is fine. I didn't get to say goodbye and I love you on Thanksgiving when you called. I needed to tell you that. Now i did.Tell Mama and Papa thanks for taking care of you. BTW people have wanted to know how you are talking with the kids at the dump? Are any of the families saved there and what do you need to start the orphanage on the dump site? A few people have asked about that.
I've been praying that you will have wisdom and peace and a clear understanding of what you are to do there. I've also been praying for your boy Tyler in boot camp.
Love you tons and be safe.
You know who, :)

Philip Vose said...

hi ben. oh boy, two posts in one week...what a treat. it's nice to hear folks over there put God first and look to Him for hope and when showing thankfulness. i think people here get caught up in, you know, whether their $15 hamburger is cook well done or not or whether some famous male on T.V is cheating on his wife. is the weather throughout the days there? have you befriended any goats or pets?

Linda Mahoney said...

Just finished reading through your entire blog! Sounds like things are going well. Because I've been there before I can picture most of the things and the people you are talking about. I love hearing everything and can't wait to get back. I am sending a small package for you with Eric and Mary. Keep out of trouble and quit giving your money away!!!