Friday, November 29, 2013

One of the last posts


            Went to the train station a couple nights ago and handed out tea to the refugees and any other homeless people. There was another group there handing out meals. It was cold. It’s been getting down to the low 40s, upper 30s at night. Went to the Pantheon last night. Wow wow!!! That thing is amazing. Went for a run this morning. Had no idea where I was. Good things about getting lost on runs: 1) You often go farther than you originally planned. 2) You get to see some cool stuff. 3) You learn your way around a bit better.
            Now Khalid, a refugee who has been here for 10 months, is at Danielle’s cooking some food for lunch.
            I was riding the bus but didn’t get a ticket. I had an expired one from a few hours before in my pocket. Periodically an officer in regular clothes would come on and check people’s tickets. I had not experienced this until tonight when I did not have a ticket. I was sitting there near the back of a bus when all of a sudden a man pulls out a badge and hangs it around his neck. I see people pulling out their tickets. I suddenly felt really hot and went to the back of a bus. We were 25 seconds away from departing. After a few seconds he got to me. I stood for a moment then reached into my pocket and pulled out the ticket that I forgot was in there and attempted to show him only the front of it without the date and time side. He took it from me. We were 10 seconds from the doors opening up at our stop. He looked at it. I was deciding in my mind at that point what I was going to do. Danielle was at the other door ready to get off. Would I stall and then make a run for it when the doors opened? Would I try to pretend like I gave him the wrong ticket? Would I stand there looking at him like I was dumb (which wouldn’t be terribly hard)? He finally gave it back to me, the doors opened and I walked away without looking back. It was a miracle from God. I don’t know if he only saw the date and not the time. Was pretending to look. Or was he just merciful. Either way I was relieved and bought a ticket for the ride back. Hahaha.
            Went to the English class tonight. It was fun trying to communicate with some of the older ladies.


            Saw the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Tiber River, walked a bunch, ran a little when I didn’t want to stuff myself into the bus (I arrived 3 miles later faster than the bus), had good conversations with some of the refugee guys, bought a hat and scarf, had Thanksgiving last night at one of the missionary’s house (that was nice), painted Danielle’s new apartment. Excited to be getting home soon. 

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